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JNR Waterfront Services, LLC

Seasonal IN / Out Services

Spring Installation

We make sure your equipment is installed properly so you can safely enjoy it all season long.  

Fall Removal

We inspect, install, and label your waterfront equipment so it goes back in correctly the following spring. Winter is the best time to make any preventative maintenance repairs. 


Shrink wrapping, Oil changes, and Cleaning are done in the fall to help your boat last many years to come. There is not just one way of doing this, give us a call and we can help you choose an appropriate package.


Michigan Seawall

We pride ourselves in evaluating your shoreline for the best possible solution. We look at a multitude of variables such as bank height, soil types, water depth, adjacent structures, vegetation, shoreline geometry, and most importantly the erosion intensity of your property. Considering these factors and aesthetics that you desire, we will build a seawall that will last forever.